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Angela Merkel apologizes: a liberation

Her penitential shirt is a collarless, egg yolk yellow costume jacket, and her face shows an expression of cheerful relief - as if someone...

Influencer culture: “The purest dumbing down of the people” – DER SPIEGEL

SPIEGEL: Mr. Nymoen, Mr. Schmitt, you have a book about Influencer wrote - these are the people who photograph themselves pregnant in the bathtub...

Study on diversity: “The film and television industry is pervaded by structural discrimination”

The results indicate, among other things, that women are less frequently employed than men and that filmmakers with disabilities are underrepresented in the industry:...

The Top Highest Paying Careers In Covid 2021

Table of Content Liberal Arts Degree and Technical Skills Information Systems Safety Professional Consumer Experience Designer Systems Software Developers The proliferation of cell know-how is...

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1806 original mass bell of first Catholic church in New York to be put on display

In addition to showcasing the bell, the incredible role of Cornelius Heeney, an Irish philanthropist and famine survivor in creating Catholic charities in NYC...

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